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Your daily life is the greatest challenge for your muscular system.

Pain spreading from the back up to your head,  headache during work and painful pressure – sensitive Parts of your muscles…does that ring the bell? All those are symptoms you probably already experienced – thanks to Trigger Points. Those mostly pain causing myofascial trigger points are a common experienced issue of burden, which can be caused, for example, by physical overload, over-­‐stretching, or direct trauma. Like many people nowadays even you may be forced to sit still most of  your everyday life, which means a one­‐sided strain for your body especially our back.Physical overload causes that your body is out of balance due to prolonged static postures like sitting or standing, repetitive movements or unphysiological behavior while sitting or bending down. And in most cases chronic physical overload results in an inadequate blood circulation of the involved muscles and is responsible for the development of painful nodes of the musculature. For example the hours you spend sitting at a desk in front of your computer or the repetitive use of your keyboard leads to the constant usage of your small muscles and results in a continual state of contraction.

Ways to help you out of pain. The good thing is, that you can easily do some self-­treatment with the help of small equipment like a golf ball or even with your hands and additional extension exercises. As 8sense helps you to understand yourself better and provides you with self-­‐ help measures, you will learn more about this in our App.

Change your daily life and prevent the emergence of trigger points. Find the right balance between activity and relaxation. To keep the muscles healthy, it’s important to switch between tension and relaxation of the muscle. Daily exercises can help you to find the right balance in your daily life and to keep your muscular system healthy.