• posControl®- AI for detection of your sitting posture
  • Monthly updates with new features
  • Charging cable
  • Free iPhone and android app


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  • intelligent coaching on a new level
  • fast-growing community
  • recommended by physiotherapists and physicians

59,80 x 24,60 x 11,30 mm

36 x 24,60 mm

Scope of supply:

  • 8clip
  • charging plug
  • charging cable

Sensors and components:

  • triaxial accelerometer
  • triaxial gyroscope
  • vibration engine
  • microcontroller
  • LED


 Battery life and performance:

The 8clip has a battery life of up to 3 days. Battery life and charging cycles can vary depending on usage and other factors.  We recommend you to charge your 8clip every couple of days  in order to be able to receive feedback about your posture at any time.

type of battery: lithium polymer

running time: approx. 72h

power supply: 5V, 100mA

charging: USB adapter

charging time: (0-100%) one hour

remote receiver: Bluetooth 4.0.

Bluetooth® low energy technology, frequency 2,4 GHz


The 8clip automatically synchronizes with the 8sense app as long as a Bluetooth connection is there. In case you’re using the 8clip without the app, your movement data are still captured and stored by the 8clip. When you connect your clip with the app again, the stored data will be synchronized. Your 8clips receives new updates “over the air” as well. Thereby, your 8clip is always equipped with the newest algorithms.


The 8clip stores your movement data once a minute. Your data can be stored at the 8clip for approx. 7 days. Within this time frame the 8clip should be synchronized with the 8sense app at least once.


synthetic ABS – acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene


The 8clip is splashproof. Rain and sweat don’t affect the 8clip. You can use the 8clip unhesitatingly while sports and in all weathers. If the 8clips gets wet, you should dry it off thoroughly. The 8clip should be dry and clean like everything else what’s close to your skin. We don’t recommend you to wear the 8clip in running water or in saunas.


If the 8clips gets wet or you sweat heavily, you should dry it off thoroughly. Try to avoid to expose the 8clip to high temperatures.

Environmental conditions:

operating temperature: -10° to 45°

maximum operating altitude: 8.848m

The 8clip istn’t suitable for an usage under water.

We kindly request you to consider, that technical changes are reserved to us. Battery life depends on usage behaviour and other factors.

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