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8sense welcomes a new partner!

It’s finally official. After several negotiations, we may announce our new, large partner. The Beurer Group. The Beurer Group invested a six-digit figure in 8sense and will support us in development and production processes in the future. We are very happy and proud of working together with a partner, such as Beurer, which can be considered as a global player in the healthcare and wellness sector.

What Beurer says

Marco Bühler, director of Beurer GmbH states, “Back pain is one of the most common symptoms western populations suffer from. 8sense offers a supportive tool to improve proactively the individuals’ posture and sitting behavior. The 8clip fosters dynamic sitting and provides diverse input, for example through movement games. 8sense’s smart technology inspired us. It could play an important role to help persons suffering from back pain.”

Beurer’s background

In 1919, Beurer was founded in Ulm. The company incorporates health and wellness. Within these segments, the company has a leading position in several product lines. In Europe, the Beurer Group leads the market of the sectors pliant heat and scales. In Germany, Beurer leads the market of the sectors blood pressure monitors and massage tools.

Beurer’s portfolio is continuously further developed in all different sectors. Moreover, it offers a large variety of tools for home application, such as different types of scales, air humidifier or medical assistance tools. Furthermore, the app and software field of Beurer is growing as production of tools with integrated Bluetooth or USB ports increases. The family business contains a distribution network in more than 100 countries. Around 900 persons are currently employed at Beurer.