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Behind 8sense | 5 min Lesezeit

Who are you, Team Medical?

Verfasst von Theresia Lechner
Team Medical 8sense

You want to know who is responsible for medical expertise and scientific input at 8sense? In this article you will get an exciting insight into our medical team and their work at 8sense.

4 facts

Education: Andrea: Bsc. Physiotherapy / MA. international health and social management | Dr. Lutz Graumann: Physician for Sports Medicine, Chirotherapy & Nutritional Medicine | Theresia: Bsc. Physiotherapy / Msc. in Health Science

Motto: keep your cool and your posture

What other people say about us: Musculus sternocleidomastoi…dingus, what?!

Mission: fighting unhealthy “continuous sitting”

But what exactly does Team Medical do at 8sense?

Long texts, without paragraphs and in difficult medical language? We love it. We don’t just enjoy scouring through medical studies to extract the best insights for the development of 8sense, though. We, the Team Medical of 8sense, are also looking for the best exercises. We then integrate them into our app together with our developer team. We also ensure that all parts of 8sense have an evidence-based medical background (find more about this here).

When Andrea is not sweating the team with the latest exercises in 8sense Sport, she advises the product development team as to which stretching is effective and what makes a good posture.

Lutz sprints from one important conference to the next and participates in numerous research programmes in the USA, Canada and Germany. By the way, he is also a team doctor for the German Ice Hockey Federation and our constant and expert advisor when it comes to medical questions.

Theresia is also on board as a physiotherapist. The project closest to her heart is the 8sense magazine: supposedly complicated medical knowledge is summarised concisely and lovingly illustrated for you in a simple, clear and humorous way (since science can be fun too).

In addition to our love of medicine, we are also united in our love of movement: whether it’s turning things on their head during yoga, winning the “push-up challenge” in functional training or enjoying the surrounding mountains when skiing. We want to set things in motion. Perhaps you, too?

Team Medical, why do we need 8sense?

Warum brauchen wir 8sense?

Team Medical, what do you do at 8sense?

Team Medical 8sense
Was macht ihr bei 8sense?

Team Medical, what is good for my back at the office?

Team Medical, was ist im Büro gut für meinen Rücken?

Back up your knowledge

Did you know that Lutz has written a book about ideal conditions for recovery in everyday life and sport? Or that Theresia teaches pregnant women to train their pelvic floor correctly and Andrea examined the topic of yoga in a scientific way in her bachelor thesis? With this in mind, namaste.