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Behind 8sense | 5 min reading time

8sense Corona Update: #homeofficefitness

Written by Theresia Lechner

Dear 8sense customers and business partners, we at 8sense hope that you and your loved ones are doing well. In this article we provide tips and tricks on the subject of home office and inform you about the current status of 8sense.

We continue to accept orders

Although the corona virus is making life difficult for some of us, our indispensable helpers at DHL ensure that 8sense continues to be delivered to your home without delay. If you have any further questions about shipping and delivery, please feel free to contact our support service at any time, who will take care of all your questions and concerns as usual. Simply write an email to:

We are here to help you with words and deeds! Of course from the home office #stayathome.

Operation at 8sense continues “normally”

Apart from the fact that all our employees currently work from their home office, nothing has changed in our enthusiasm and motivation to make 8sense even better. This means for you: we as a regional, young and digital company try to set a good example, especially in these difficult times, and make your time in the home office as pleasant as possible with our product.

What do the 8sense experts currently recommend?

Our scientists and physiotherapists at 8sense: Theresia (Msc. in Health Science )and Andrea (MA. International Health and Social Management) also advise you not to panic and to do good for yourself and your body, especially in the home office:

Panic does not help anyone. And if you have cabin fever or your back is not well anymore in the home office, it is time for exercise, small exercises and fresh air. Maintain your posture, not only towards the necessary hygienic measures, the current exit rules #stayathome, but also towards your back #homeofficefitness.

Tips summarized by Andrea and Theresia:

  • Stand up or take a short walk in your apartment (preferably with open windows for fresh wind) or in your garden during your next phone call
  • Do you have a tricky task to solve or are you at a critical point in your project? Just stand up and think about it while standing
  • Start and end your working day with exercise (just use our free home office exercises on YouTube: either directly via our channel or via the 8sense app)
  • Try for one day to adopt all the sitting positions you can think of one after the other (the best thing about the home office: nobody sees your dislocations and you can let your creativity run wild)
  • You keep forgetting to move despite high motivation? Here are a few ideas how to keep reminding yourself of this:
  1. Write small colourful notes (à la “Get yourself a fresh glass of water”) and pin them clearly visible at your workplace
  2. Place objects that encourage you to move more (e.g. a Pezzi ball, small dumbbells or a fascia roll)
  3. Get our 8clip: Let yourself be regularly reminded of the urgently needed movement by a gentle vibration on the neck, adapted to your individual posture pattern. Work on your office fitness throughout the day with the 8sense app and receive movement orders (such as the 8sense upright challenge), intelligent sensor exercises and compensation exercises tailored to your problem
  4. If someone in your household is working in a systemically important job, be it as a nurse, retail salesman, doctor or physician or in jobs in energy supply, child care etc. and is doing heroic deeds for us: Give him/her at least a little moment of time out and relaxation, e.g. with a small massage or a good meal

Together we can do it

Let us not be guided by panic in the present time, but by our common sense and responsible cooperation. That also means:

Make sure that you and your loved ones are provided with healthy food #qualityinsteadofquantity #don’tbeahamster, enough exercise and fresh air #homeofficefitness and sufficient sleep.

Your 8sense team wishes you all the BEST!