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What looks like magic is extraordinary technology.

Hey, I am your 8th sense. I’m a sensor you wear on the collar of your clothes. Did you know that this position is the best place to measure and analyse your body’s movements?

That’s how your 8th sense works.

The combination of easy attaching, powerful sensors and modern algorithms will also amaze you.


Miniaturized Hardware

Modern sensor technology in a very small package. For maximum wearing comfort.

Packed with the latest components and sensors. 8sense helps you quantify your everyday office life in ways you never thought possible.

  • 6 integrated sensors

    Detect the amplitude, direction and intensity of your movements in three-dimensional space. This data is the basis for our algorithms.

  • High performance computing unit with Bluetooth

    The Dual-Core Main Processor with the patented SensorFusion Controller allows parallel data processing and analysis in real time. Bluetooth 4.2 BLE guarantees a fast and uncomplicated data transfer to the app.

  • Haptic feedback with vibration

    You’ll get real-time feedback from various gentle vibration patterns without having to look inside the app. So, you stay in the workflow and don’t get distracted.

Intelligent Algorithms

Thousandfold trained. Now ready for your analysis. 

Your available measurement data is constantly and in real time chased through a series of algorithms to determine a single pattern from thousands of possible movements. Variably applicable, regardless of size, clothing or physique. Our proprietary technology:

  • poseControl™-AI

    Our core technology, which is used when you are seated. Your posture is derived and very precisely approximated by means of initial calibrations and subsequent angle data.

  • movCapture®-AI

    The supreme discipline: In our in-house research lab, our team works every day to improve the recognition of complex movements. Each new movement pattern is trained with more than 2000 data sets from at least 100 test subjects in order to provide you with precise measurement results.

Do you know how fit you are right now? 

If you already feel a strain in your back and feel exhausted, balancing measures are long overdue. The 8th sense is based on your behaviour of the last hours and shows you how your health and productivity are doing.

Your office fitness in figures.

Red alert! Productivity and back health suffer.
Keep the ball rolling! Right now you’re protecting your productivity and back health.
Perfect! Perfect! Productivity and health benefit from your activity.

The „better posture“ experience.

The core

Your 8th sense. Gets to know you and gives concrete recommendations for action.  

We have a clear mission: to quantify your behaviour in order to give relevant, individually adapted recommendations for action. That is why we have created the 8th sense.

  • Anamnesis and correlation with your metrics

    In time, the eighth sense will gradually get to know you better. It asks you about your condition and analyzes your behavior. By correlating with your data, it makes recommendations to improve your routines.

  • Live Coaching

    In addition to biofeedback, you will also receive detailed suggestions as to which concrete measures you can take. From changing the sitting position to individual exercises to relax tense muscles.

  • Challenges & tips and Tricks

    It never gets boring. Let yourself be challenged again and again with special tasks and get to know the science behind your body.