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Stellwerk 18

Planned for a long time, finally it has been realized. State Minister Ilse Aigner handed over a funding of 1.25 million Euro to support the digital start-up center „Stellwerk 18“ in Rosenheim. Stellwerk 18 should provide working space to young entrepreneurs, who are at the beginning of founding their future companies.

Of course we made use of this great opportunity to present our concept once again. In this five minute presentation the product was presented  under the name of „Spot&Move“, which was the former working titel. Thereby it wasn‘t about enlisting new inverstors, rather then networking with the other founders, companies and institutuions.

You can find more infos concerning Stellwerk 18 here.

P.s. We reserved office space in Stellwerk 18 too and are moving at the 1st of April 2017 into the new office, which you can find transitional in the „Volksbank Raiffeisenbank“ in Rosenheim.

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