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The typical acute pain is like a watchdog of your body, calling attention that something is wrong. This pain points out that an inflammation, a damage or further disturbances are going on in your body.
This acute pain usually lasts no longer than few hours and is essential for us. Finally reaching the brain, the pain induction develops to an individual, motional perception influenced by experiences and expectations. With regard to this type of pain, taking it easy to enhance recovery in the beginning is appropriate. But when the pain is especially strong or lasts longer than usual and you have currently a stressful phase of life it may cause in the long run changes in your peripheral nerves, your spinal cord or even in your brain – in get’s chronic.
What does this mean? Such physical changes can lead to a steady state of pain even when the cause of pain already healed. Now again taking  it easy is the really wrong solution because your body feels vindicated in relation to the level of pain.
This is just one of several explanations why you should get active together with 8sense.

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