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Your smart and digital back coach for your home. State-of-the-art coaching tailored to your personal needs.

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At home holistic training.

The time has come to take coaching to a whole new level: A workout which is created just for you and a coach who assists you at the right performance level.
Diversified exercises With the training coach you gain access to over 80 highly effective exercises that are thoroughly explained step-by-step by professionals.
Trainiere mit Körpergewicht Du brauchst keine speziellen Geräte oder Zubehör – nur eine Matte und dein eigenes Körpergewicht.
With an expert If you are under the treatment of a physiotherapist, he will be able to modify your wearable device´s coach and to create his own exercises for you.
Read more Workout effective and holisticly based on the latest scientific research. Our team of physiotherapists make this possible for you.
Automatische Trainingserfassung (soon) The 8sense wearable device will assist you by capturing your workout automatically providing feedback.
Real-Time Feedback (soon) You will be able to access real-time feedback, for example gauge if the pace of your exercise is correct.
Fitted on you
The coach learns and adjusts itself: With the tracking of your workout by the 8sense clip, your personal feedback, and the advice of your physiotherapist.
Maximum results
Von Physiotherapeuten und Experten nach neusten EU-Richtlinien (COST-Actions) und wissenschaftlichen Standards für schnelle und langfristige Ergebnisse entwickelt.
Kompakte Trainingseinheiten leicht integrierbar in deinen Alltag. Bei Bedarf können spezielle Kurz-Workouts gewählt werden.
Stay motivated
Durch die Integration von verschiedenen abwechslungsreichen Trainingsbausteinen ist dein Training abwechslungsreich und du bleibst am Ball.

What others say.

„Ich sehe es als Verbesserung für alle Beteiligten – sowohl für den Patienten als auch für den Physiotherapeuten“

Hans-Peter Huber

Geschäftsführer Physiotherapie Zentrum Mediana
„Der ganzheitliche Ansatz und die Möglichkeit mit einem Experten zusammen zuarbeiten haben mich sofort überzeugt mitzumachen“

Sarah Krattenmacher


Get to know about us.

With the founding of our company in 2016, we started with the development of a smart device. It was our goal to prevent back pain of the users by suggesting selective changes of their position.

During our process of development we detected that we see the problem in a one-dimensional manner. Over a thousand conversations and discussions with physicians, physical-scientists and physiotherapists it was found that a holistic approach is the only way to go. Since then a lot has changed...

Uni Rosenheim