Start improving your back health today.

The 8sense Clip: The world’s first smart back sensor with a holistic virtual coach. Quick results without spending much time.

Effective coaching by analyzing your posture & movement.

In your office job, you sit up to 12 hours a day. This is an enormous ache for your body. 8sense will improve your daily habits, so that you are able to proactively work on your bodys health.
Improve your posture When you are sitting in the same position for too long you receive feedback in the form of a soft vibration of the clip.
Sit dynamically 8sense encourages you to sit in different positions throughout the day. That way you are able to equally work all of your muscles.
Understand your body Let the app visualize your muscle utilization and your daily habits to get to know your body in a better way.
Workout smart You receive short exercises for the office and for home, to strengthen less used muscle groups and to stretch highly used muscles.
Workout in a playful way Choose a game which is fun for you and control it through different movements with your body.
Stay motivated Achieve weekly assignments and goals. This way it will never get boring and also connect to friends and colleagues.

Every color you like,
as long as it's black or white

A different kind of workout - integrated in the daily life - to achieve fast and sustainable results. It will change your life, without spending a lot of time doing so.
Stay motivated
Your coach is diversified, exciting and has integrated psychologic mechanics, which keep you motivated.
Fast results
Developed by physiotherapists and physicians based on the newest scientific standards and EU-guidelines (COST-Actions) for maximum success.
Fitted on you
Your Coach analyzes your daily habits and adapts automatically. You can determine the intensity and the schedule at anytime on your own.

What others say.

Everything I do is related to computers. Working, studying … just sitting.

Mo Othman

Software engineer
I have low back pain. I am aware that I should do something, but I am not doing anything for it.

Robert Hollerbach

Finance & Business Intelligence

Get to know about us.

With the founding of our company in 2016, we started with the development of a smart device. It was our goal to prevent back pain of the users by suggesting selective changes of their position.

During our process of development we detected that we see the problem in a one-dimensional manner. Over a thousand conversations and discussions with physicians, physical-scientists and physiotherapists it was found that a holistic approach is the only way to go. Since then a lot has changed...

Uni Rosenheim