Our founders Ralf Seeland (l.) and Christoph Tischner (r.).

A virtual back coach - emerged from our common passion for sports and health



In autumn 2016 Ralf Seeland was suffering from severe back pain and he did not need any medical background to know the cause: Sitting.

Sitting long hours in the office, another two in the car and also in most of his spare time, often adopting crooked positions.

He remembered a scene from his childhood, when his mother was pressing her finger into his back, admonishing him to sit upright.

So Ralf, a passionate tinkerer and engineer, started wondering if he can find a “more technical” solution to get this “reminder” automatically. Driven by severe pain, he started to develop his first prototypes (holster with sensors and vibration) helping him to sit upright and tested their functionality straight at work. With a stunning result.



At 8sense we strongly share a passion for health and sports and have a common vision. We believe that a better self-understanding of our health and body is the basement to change people’s mind-set from the reactive to a holistic proactive approach.

With 8sense people are able to understand their back pain problems, their body functions and feel motivated due to seeing progress and change. With 8sense people are willingly to change their habits.