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8sense welcomes the new CTO Marco Stechl

Marco Stechl, a native “Rosenheimer”, brings experience and expertise in the fields of human resource management, project management, software development and agile working methods. Welcome to 8sense, Marco! We are very happy and proud of calling you a team member of 8sense now. Of course, we asked Marco some questions for you to provide you with some information about our technological development.

What was the reason for your decision to join the 8sense team as a CTO?

Marco: Especially, the technology. The clip. According to my knowledge the 8clip is unique on the market. Ralf and Christoph persuaded me with their vision of 8sense and the 8sense team. Moreover, the challenge of working in a start-up attracted me.

Which technologies does 8sense use?

Marco: Let’s start with the 8clip. The clip is embedded development in C, which is meanwhile used as a standard tool in embedded development. Our App is developed in Xamarin. Xamarin is a tool which enables you to develop the User Interface (UI) simultaneously for iOS and Android devices. Thereby, our product can be faster launched and using Xamarin is cheaper. In general, I really appreciate the Xamarin approach. In addition, Xamarin causes less work load compared to the separated UI’s development for iOS and Android. Of course, there is some criticism doubting the performance of Xamarin. I mostly disagree with this criticism. The Xamarin performance is nearly as good as the performance of the separate development. For our purposes Xamarin fits the best. Furthermore, we are working with Amazon Web Services. Our servers are hosted there and, in the future, this will be the place where our data analysis will happen. No worries, as everything is hosted in Germany we are on the safe side concerning data protection.

What can you imagine for the future of 8sense?

Marco: Compared to the initial state, the 8clip progressed a lot and we have been able to minimize the 8clip significantly. In the future we want to minimize our 8clip even more, in order to be able to get on the smart textiles market. Furthermore, we want to further personalize and optimize our users’ 8sense experience.