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The world’s first fitness and posture coach for the office. 

Hey, I’m your 8th sense. Your sensor-based coach for better back health, well-being and productivity.

Make use of your 8th sense and become a betterOne.

What is 8sense? 

Half fitness coach, half physiotherapist – combined in one wearable.

An attachable coach for your clothes. Helps you to sit more actively. With posture training. Informs you about your actual fitness level in your office. 8sense is designed to enhance and protect your health and productivity.

Why do we need 8sense? 

The perfect training. Happens almost incidentally there, where you spent the most time of your day. 

12h sitting per day. One-sided strain for your muscles. Decreasing productivity. Adverse effects on your intervertebral discs. The consequences of one-sided sitting at work are tremendous and cannot be fixed with a simple after-work training.

Benefits of being a betterOne.

That’s why you should join the 8sense community.

Personal coach included

8sense offers you a “physiotherapist light”. Always by your side, whenever and wherever you want.

Real-time feedback.

Receive real-time feedback via direct vibration on your body and via the application. To achieve more healthy habits.

More than just workout plans

Your status gets analyzed. Interact in real-time. 8sense offers you more than other apps so far.

Developed by medical experts

Make use of our knowledge based on latest research and prestigious experts like Dr. Lutz Graumann.

Effective, despite little time

For everybody who wants to benefit the own health despite small amount of time.

Worth the money

8sense offers personal coaching for everyone. Cheaper than any fitness studio.

How 8sense works? 

What looks like magic, is extraordinary technology.

State-of-the-art movement detectors combined with the optimal landmarks on your back allow a detailed and automatic posture- and movement detection. And our algorithms get smarter. Everyday.

How is 8sense working for you? 

Quantitative key figures. Deliberate decisions. 

8sense is perfect for transforming your office routine. No matter if you want to work on personal health issues or on your performance. Learn more about yourself and your habits and extrapolate healthy decisions.

What others say. That’s why you should become a betterOne.


“The biggest misbelief is, to think, that your body is alright, if you move one hour a day after sitting 8 hours in the office. In contrast movement rituals, spread over the day, keep you healthy. The concept of 8sense fosters the awareness for movements and is a must-have for all office workers.”

Dr. Lutz Graumann – physician for sports medicine, chirotherapy

Der größte Irrglaube ist, zu meinen, dass es mir und meinem Körper gut geht, wenn ich mich nach 8 Stunden sitzen im Büro noch eine Stunde bewege. Was uns dagegen gesund hält, sind Bewegungsrituale, gleichmäßig über den Tag verteilt. Das Konzept von 8sense schafft ein Bewusstsein dafür und ist deshalb ein Muss für alle Büroarbeiter.“ 

Dr. Lutz Graumann – Arzt für Sportmedizin, Chirotherapie

“The German average citizen spends 8 hours a day sitting. Our body is designed to be in motion though. 8sense’s biofeedback  helps to change my behavior and to increase my movement rate clearly. In addition,  the integrated coach recommends special exerxises , based on a percise analysis, to balance the sitting behavior – a consistent concept.”

Janna Langer – sports scientist and expert in workplace health promotion

„Der deutsche Durchschnittsbürger verbringt täglich mehr als 8 Stunden im Sitzen. Jedoch ist unser Körper darauf ausgelegt sich zu bewegen. Das Biofeedback von 8sense hilft mir ungünstiges Verhalten zu verändern und meine Bewegungsrate deutlich zu steigern. Zudem schlägt mir der integrierte Coach durch die genaue Analyse meines Verhaltens spezielle Ausgleichsübungen vor – ein absolut stimmiges Konzept.”

Janna Langer – Sportwissenschaftlerin und BGM Expertin


“Nearly everthing I do is related to a sitting posture. 8sense visualizes my sitting behavior and reminds me to move.”


Software Engineer

“I suffer from lower back pain. I am aware that I have to become more active. But I am not doing anything.”


Business Intelligence

Allready betterOnes. 

It’s time to become one by yourself.


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